Three Important Home Painting Tips for Interior Rooms

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According to HGTV, one way you can increase your home’s value is by giving it a few new coats of paint. “Color — whether architectural or in products — accounts for 60% of our response to an object or a place,” they explain. Are you interested in revamping your home’s interior? Changing up the paint color can be a great way to re-invigorate your spaces and give them a more modern feel. Here are three tips you can keep in mind in order to ensure that your home looks beautiful.

1. Hire a Professional House Painting Business
In other words: we recommend against DIY, or hiring your neighbor Bill. If you have experience with painting, you might be okay, but consider that painting is often 80% prep work — it’s not just about rolling colors on the wall and calling it a day. Little smudges and uneven lines are something you will notice as long as you live in the house. So invest in a professional, particularly someone who is licensed and insured to paint. If a house painting business is uninsured and someone tumbles from a ladder in your home, you could potentially be liable for their injuries.

2. What Color Should I Paint my House?
Light, dark, intense, soft — what works? There’s not necessarily a right or wrong type of color for a room. Your best bet is to pick a large accent piece you know will stay in the room, and work around that. A bright red couch, for example, would pair well with a denim-blue wall. A white dining table and dark brown area rug go well with a bronze wall color. Keep in mind that not every ceiling needs to be white — painting your ceiling can often add dramatic impact to any room.

3. Keep Paint Finishes in Mind
Paint comes in several different finishes — flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss. Flat paint has no shine, and is often used in bedrooms. Eggshell is popular for many homes because it’s matte and less reflective — it hides scuffs and dirt a little better, though it can be harder to clean. Semi-gloss is a good paint for high-traffic areas because it’s easier to clean and tougher against wearing out. Gloss paint is typically reserved for trim.

Do you plan on contacting a professional painting company to work on your home? Let us know in the comments.