Six Things You Should Know About Painting Your Home

house painting servicesDid you know that painting your home can help improve its value for resale? As RealtyPin points out, though, “The aim of an aesthetically done paint job is not to fool others into thinking that everything is hunky dory with your property; it is, rather, to attract attention to what you have to offer.” Painting your home is a great way to accentuate the rooms you want to show off, or the architectural details that set your home’s exterior apart from the other houses in the neighborhood. Even the best paint job, however, isn’t going to disguise outdated kitchen cabinetry or a rotting shed.

Three Reasons You Should Hire Professional House Painting Services for the Job

  • Did you know that the painting process is often up to 75% prep work? Professional painters know what they’re doing when it comes to prep — amateurs cut corners and end up with spills, sloppy trim work or unevenly covered walls.
  • Exteriors can be surprisingly difficult to paint — you often need to work around brick, masonry, aluminum siding and more. Each material will require specific painting techniques in order to ensure a lasting and sealing job. If you don’t know how to paint your house exterior, it’s best to leave it to an expert, because this is the first thing people will notice.
  • If you’re waffling between hiring a professional or an amateur, keep in mind that a professional painting company is going to be insured and bonded. If anything happens, you don’t want to be the one paying $10,000 a year in worker’s compensation fees because your amateur painter is under your contract alone.

Three Tips for Choosing the Right House Painting Service

  • There are several textures of paint, ranging from glossy to flat, or matte. Semi-gloss paint is a popular option for high-traffic areas like the family room — it’s not super flashy, but it’s very easy to clean. Satin, or matte, finishes are popular because they hide imperfections the best.
  • When you’re considering a paint color, don’t just hold up the tiny swatch next to your wall and expect that to be a good test. Observe the color in shadow and direct sunlight to see how that changes it, and purchase a sample can in order to paint a larger sample on posterboard.
  • Always consider how a room will be used when choosing wall colors. White walls can be a true disaster for rooms with small children in them.

What do you look for in house painting services? Let us know in the comments.