How to Make the Smartest Decision When it Comes to Home Painting

house painting serviceOne of the best ways to aim for a higher return on investment for your home is to give both the interior and the exterior a colorful facelift. A new coat (or several) of paint can help transform an older, worn facade into a vibrant and engaging entrance way. But as with any kind of major home improvement decision, you’ll want to review all your options before you simply jump into the project.

A big decision to be made early on in the process involves choosing between conventional and organic paints. You might not think there’s too much of a difference, but statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency are showing a large divide between the two. There are effectively two main issues to remember when it comes to hiring a house painting service to spruce up your home:

1. Conventional paints tend to be toxic.

The Problem: That’s right — even though we’ve done away with lead-based paints, we couldn’t eliminate all the hazards. You know that particularly pungent smell you sense when fresh paint is still drying? That’s thanks to volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs), substances that the EPA has shown can decrease the air quality in your home over time.

The Solution: Organic and eco-friendly paints, which come in a wide variety of colors to paint your house with. Because they’re made from substances like milk protein, clay, balsam and citrus, eco-friendly paints won’t leave any VOCs behind on your walls for years to come. If you’re looking to redo your home’s aesthetic, look into your local house painting services to see which ones offer organic paints.

2. Biocides and fungicides are hidden in regular paints.

The Problem: Maybe “hidden” is the wrong word, because it implies the paint companies trying to pull a fast one on you. They’re not, and in fact the inclusion of these anti-mildew agents is for the overall protection of your walls. However, with these biocides and fungicides, you can run into the same problems as with VOCs — they’re no good for the long-term when it comes to indoor (and outdoor) air quality.

The Solution: You could opt for the milk protein eco-friendly option again, but those will mostly work best indoors. To coat your siding or patch up some cracks and chips along the exterior, look for a paint with zinc oxide as its natural fungicide. Beyond that, any low-VOC will also do. All you have to do is pay attention to the label, or hire professional home painting companies to handle it for you.

The Catch

Of course, there’s always a catch, and the snag here is that organic and eco-friendly paints tend to be quite a bit more expensive than conventional paints, in addition to simply being much harder to find. For more information on what your home could benefit from, ask the professionals at your local house painting service. And remember, this is the future of your home — and your health — that you’re dealing with.